Chinese Yuan Transfer via Border Trade E-Bank

Outward Remittance via Border Trade E-bank 

Product Name

Outward Remittance via Border Trade E-bank


  • BCEL can serve the customer who needs to transfer money in RMB to China for the payments for goods and services, school fees and other fees. The service is secured and swift via Border Trade E-bank which is the system specially developed for RMB payment to China.   

Purpose of overseas money transfer

  • Can make payment for goods and services.
  • For individual customers, making money transfer for payments of medication, education and travelling must follow the regulations issued by the Bank of the Lao PDR in each period time.


  • ​Can transfer money to China promptly and securely.
  • Able to make a transfer only in RMB.

Service Conditions


  • Prepare the reference documents to support the money transfer which are complied with the purpose of the transfer or the regulations of BCEL announced in each period time.
  • The bank shall not provide the money transfer service to the customers in the case of the beneficiary’s name is in the Black List.
  • The period for receiving the transferred money is subject to the service hours of the beneficiary bank.