BCEL One Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is BCEL One?

BCEL One is mobile app and web applications for BCEL’s card holders to access their card accounts such as Visa and UnionPay. BCEL One also provide bill payment functions, fund transfer and other useful functionalities to assist the card holders in managing and monitoring their card accounts.

2. How do I install BCEL One for Smart Phones?

You can install BCEL One through Play Store and Apple Store for Android and iOS respectively. Windows Phone will be supported very soon.

3. What if I don’t have a Smart Phone?

Since BCEL One is also working on web browsers, you can access it from computers through web browsers.

4. How do I register BCEL ONE?

You can simply fill up the registered form online and submit it in person at any service units and branches of BCEL.

5. Is there any fees?

Currently it is free of charge.

6. How many features does BCEL One provide?

BCEL has various features: Viewing mini statements, transition real-time alerts, credit limits, balance inquiries, fund transfer, bill payments, turn on/off internet transactions for Visa cards…

7. What are the secret questions for?

Secret questions will be needed for add beneficiary accounts in case of remittance. This is part of security measure to mitigate the risk for the end users.

8. What should I do when I forgot answers for secret questions?

You have to come to any of the branch in person to have your ID checked and reset your secret questions. So keep your secret questions securely save yourself time to get back to the branch later on.

9. What should I do when it shows “Incorrect Device” on the log in page?

Your access mode is set to top security level which means only one mobile phone can be granted an access to your account; you cannot access your BCEL One account through other devices like computer or other mobile phone. If you want to unlock your device and relax your security level, you need to approach our branches.

10. What should I do when it shows “Account Locked” on the log in page?

In this case, it indicates that your account has been suspended due to too many incorrect password/ID attempts. You have to approach any of our branches.

11. Which operating system and browsers works best to access feature in BCEL One?

Any recent updated browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE would work with BCEL One.