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Accepted Cards: UnionPay, Visa, JCB, Mastercard

BCEL ONE is a product issued by Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL) to the customer (you or your) desirous to use this product in order to facilitate the payment and to monitor the transactions of your card issued by BCEL. The customer who is desirous to use BCEL ONE must satisfy the following terms and conditions:

The Bank

BCEL shall be released from any and all responsibilities for damages and losses resulting from the use of BCEL ONE as follows:

  1. The user of BCEL ONE must keep the User name and Password confidential without disclosure to others.
  2. Any and all complete transactions of BCEL ONE, which use your User name and/or Password and lead to your financial losses, shall cause no responsibilities to BCEL.
  3. If the use of BCEL ONE is delayed due to interruption in the Internet system or the device of the customer.
  4. If the user pays for any services with incorrect amount, mistakenly transfers money, or pays for telephone bills incorrectly, through BCEL ONE, BCEL shall assume no responsibilities and receive no complaints.
  5. For the use of BCEL ONE for turning on the Online payment for goods or services of a VISA card, BCEL shall not be liable for any losses resulting from the situation that the customer has forgot to turn off such online payment.
  6. The user must keep the 3 secret questions highly confidential. If other persons are aware of them and incur any financial losses, the user of BCEL ONE shall has no right to claim responsibility from BCEL.

The User of BCEL ONE

  1. The person who desires to use BCEL ONE must register with BCEL by using accurate and correct information, and comply with terms and conditions set by BCEL for each period of time.
  2. The user of BCEL ONE is prohibited to reveal password, anwers of the secret questions, or other secret items which BCEL notifies as confidential.
  3. The user of BCEL ONE is required to replace the initial password received from BCEL with the new password immediately.
  4. If the user forgets the User name, Password, or the secret questions, a written request shall be sent to BCEL for necessary changes.
  5. BCEL will terminate your right to use BCEL ONE if you have made no transactions within 3 months. And should you desire to reuse, a written request shall be sent to the Card Center of BCEL.

Information for registration

  1. Type(s) of BCEL card(s)
  2. A copy of ID card, family book or passport
  3. Personal e-mail address
  4. Personal mobile number

By clicking "Register" button, you consent to be bound by the terms and conditions above