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Risk Management and Anti Money Laundering Division | BCEL

Risk Management and Anti Money Laundering Division

Risk Management and Anti Moneny Laundering Division (RMAMLD) is one of many core divisions of BCEL which acts as the second line of defense. RMAMLD has been established in 2014 to assist the Board of Director in ensuring that the bank’s strategies,  policies and procedures in relation to Risk Management, AML/CFT and FATCA are implemented effectively and meet the International Standards.

Apart from this, the division has the  role and responsibility to prevent the bank from being instrument for money laundering and financing of terrorism and other acts of financial crimes of bandits. Most importantly, RMAMLD has the responsibility to protect the benefits of the bank’s stakeholders and strengthen the stability of BCEL.

RMAMLD consists of 3 sections including Risk Management Policy and Tools Development Section, Risk Monitoring and Reporting Section, and  Anti Money Laundering Section. Detail tasks of each section is as follows:

Risk Management Policy and Tools Development Section: Responsibles for creating, developing, reviewing and adjusting legislations related to Risk Management, AML/CFT and FATCA. It also the focal point of  Basel II projects.

Risk Monitoring and Reporting Section: Responsibles for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting all kind of risks, AML/CFT and FATCA and provide sound and appropriate measures to alleviate risks. Besides, it is also responsible for mornitoring, reviewing and reporting on the implementation of legislations related to the above tasks.

Anti Money Laundering Section: Acts as the key person and focal point of the implemention of all tasks in relation to AML/CFT and FATCA within BCEL.

Currently, RMAMLD has 17 qualified staffs including 1 PHD, 9 Master and 7 bachelor’s degree. To ensure the implementation on risk management and AML/CFT of BCEL meets the international standard, officers’ professional specialization and capacity enhancement on risk management and anti-money laundering and counter financing terrorism is our main focus. The international certifications on the related field which have been obtained by some of our officers are as follows:

  • Advanced Certificate In Corporate Governance from BMTG (UK) Group: 1 certificate.
  • Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (Cams) from ACAMS: 2 Certificates.

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