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BCEL expressed the care to the society by donating fund in the amount of 500 million LAK for the fighting campaign against COVID-19

BCEL’s Board of Directors (BOD) and staff expressed the care to the Society by donating the fund in the amount of million LAK, which the fund  was approved by BCEL’s BOD to the campaign of Protection, Control and Solution for fighting against the spreading of COVID-19 in Laos. In this ceremony, the handover representative from BCEL was honored presented by Mr. Bouavanh SIMALIVONG, Deputy Managing Director and witnessed by the representatives from the 3 public organizations. The representatives from the government to receive the fund were Assoc.Prof. Dr. Bounkong Sihavong,   Minister of Health, and Deputy Head of the Special Team to Fight, Control and Resolve COVID19 along with related staff.

This ceremony was held at the Prime Minister Office on 04/05/2020, which the delegation from BCEL was warmly welcomed by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bounkong Sihavong. He expressed his thanks to BCEL’s BOD and staff that considered the importance of the national task and the safety of the Lao people; especially anti-COVID-19 task and other activities of national protection campaigns.

Previously, BCEL has contributed to the fighting against COVID-19 campaigns through fund supporting such as on 10-27th, April 2020; the 3 public organizations of BCEL mobilized fund from organization’s members and staff to purchase medical equipment and necessary materials to assist 6 organizations on the work of anti the spreading of the COVID-19 more 145 million LAK. The bank also created a new project, which supported BCEL’s customers, who want to contribute their donating via BCEL OneHeart under the project’s name “donating for anti-COVID-19”; BCEL was a representative from donators to support 7 organizations by providing materials and  medical equipment in the amount of 130,600,000 LAK (1st time) and the bank also continued to rise the fund from all staff for more assistance. For customers, who have BCEL One accounts and want to join the donation via BCEL OneHeart, the campaign is still opened for donation. For more details, please visit this link;All fund-handover ceremonies will be informed to the public via BCEL’s media channels.




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Written by Ms. Souksakone BOUNSAVATHIPHAN

Photo by Mr. Vilaysack  PHONTHAPHONE