Cash Deposit Machines


Cash Deposit Machines (CDM)


  • Cash Deposit Machines or CDM are machines which provide cash deposit service for customers who are not available to come to the bank.
  • CDM is only for depositing, not for cash withdrawal.
  • CDM accepts 3 currencies: LAK, THB and USD (Banknote condition shall be in 70% quality or better).
    • Accepted LAK Bank note: 10.000, 20.000, 50.000 and 100.000.
    • Accepted USD Bank not: 50 and 100.
    • Accepted THB Bank not: 500 and 1.000.
  • Maximum banknote deposit is 50 banknotes per time, unlimited transaction per day per account and the customers can use the machines for 24/7 at BCEL Head Office and all branches. Moreover, customer can also check account balance and 5 recent transactions via the machine.
  • Remark: CDM accepts very fine condition (70%) of banknotes or better. CDM cannot accept old, stained, taped, written, ink-stained or defective banknotes as defined by the bank.


  • Save cost and time with quick and convenient process by depositing cash via CDM of BCEL located nearby your location.