Current accounts

Product Name

Current accounts


The current accounts help the depositors to manage and organize their financial liquidity and they can be safely used for making payments for goods and services by using cheques instead of cash. This type of account is suitable for individuals and corporates that operate the business with regular cash flow.


  • This account is used for handling cash flow for business operation.
  • Minimize the risk of keeping huge amount of cash to make the payment for their customers.
  • Can use cheques for making payments instead of cash to pay for goods and services.
  • Can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds at the BCEL counters, which are available around the country.
  • Can be used to certify the cheques and guarantee for auctions.
  • Can also be applied for BCEL ATM card, Visa Credit/Debit Cards, JCB cards and CO-brand in order to access your account through ATM, EDC, internet banking and BCEL One application.
  • Can check the account by using SMS banking, BCEL One and Internet Banking.
  • Can be used as the guarantee for financial position
  • The interest rates are available on BCEL’s website:


  • The minimum initial deposit and remaining balance on the account should be at least: 500,000 LAK/ 50 USD/ 2,000 THB/ 100 CNY.
  • Opening a bank account fee: 10,000 LAK/ 2 USD/ 50 THB/ 10 CNY/Account/time
  • Cheque Book Price: 50,000 LAK/ 7 USD/ 220 THB/ 50 CNY/Account/Unit
  • Issue express cheque book (to receive within the same day), the charge is 20,000 LAK/ 3 USD/ 90 THB/ 20 CNY/cheque/time.
  • BCEL shall charge the maintenance fee of 3,500 LAK/ 0.5 USD/ 16 THB/ 5 CNY/account/month.


  • Cheques must be used for every transactions.
  • Cheques remain valid for 180 days after the date of order.
  •  If the details of the ordered cheque are changed such as the name and the surname, the account number of the receiver, the ordered date, the amount of money in number and in word, deletion or correction, there must be a confirmed signature of the account owner for such mistakes according to the conditions announced by the bank.
  • It is prohibited for the stating of the payment into 2 conditions such as payment to the store/person’s name, payment to the store/cash, payment to the person’s name /cash, payment to National Treasury/ the person’s name, payment to the National Treasury/ Company’s name, payment to National Treasury/cash.
  • In case of ordering the cheque payment to be withdrawn or transferred to other banks, there must be a signing confirmation from the bank’s official first.