Fixed Deposit Account

Product Name


Fixed Deposit Account


The Fixed-term account is a low-risk investment which gives a high return from the fixed interest rate depending on the customer’s selection period; It also helps the customers for their future’s financial planning. This product is suitable for the customers who have a sum of money but do not want to use at the present time.


  • Shall receive the return from the high interest rate depending on the customer’s selection period.
  • Can be used as collateral for loans.
  • The fixed interest and the account balance can be checked via Internet Banking and SMS Banking, BCEL ONE and Smartbook.
  • Can be used as collateral to apply for BCEL’s Credit Visa, JCB and Co-Brand Cards.
  • The bank will automatically renew the account term after the maturity date.
  • Can be used as a guarantee of for the financial position.
  • The update of the interest can be checked on BCEL’s website. (



  • Opening balance: 1,000,000 LAK, 200 USD, 5,000 THB.
  • Account Opening Fee: 10,000 LAK/ 2 USD/ 50 THB/ 10CNY/account/time

(Remarks: Fees are referred to the announcement of BCEL in each period)


  • The account owner must keep the Passbook in a safe place, and in case of any losses, must inform the bank immediately
  • If issuing a new passbook (due to the loss/damage/dirt), a charge will be applied, according to the current regulations announced by the bank.
  • The passbook must be used only by the account holder, the right cannot be transferred.
  • Every time of withdrawal or change of the deposit account information, the account owner must present the Passbook to the bank at all time.
  • If the depositor have changed his/her name/surname/address, the customer must inform the bank immediately.
  • If the depositor is unable to withdraw or close the account by himself/herself, the depositor must write a power of attorney letter to authorize someone who will act on his/her behalf. The power of attorney letter should include date, the representative’s name, amount, A/c name & number with a signature of the depositor which complied with the conditions of the bank. The depositor must also provide the Passbook and his/her ID Card or Passport to the representative to present to the bank.