Pension Savings account

Product Name

Pension Savings Account


Pension Savings Account is an ideal account for anyone who wants to save his/her money for retirement with a higher interest rate than the regular savings accounts, which the depositor can make a deposit to the account without limited times or amounts.


  • Receive the higher interest than other savings accounts which the interest is the same as the 6-month interest rate that the bank offers in each period time.
  • Can be used as a guarantee for the depositor’s financial position.
  • The interest can be checked via 


  • Opening balance: 50.000 LAK/ 10 USD/  500 THB
  • Account Fees: 10,000 LAK/ 2 USD/ 50 THB/ 10 CNY/account/time
  • (Remarks: Fees are according to the bank’s announcement for each period time)


  • The account owner must keep his/her passbook in a safe place, in case of loss/damage/dirt the depositor must inform the bank immediately.
  • If issuing a new passbook (loss/damage/dirt), a charge will be applied according to the current regulations set forth by the bank.
  • The passbook must be used only by the account owner and the right cannot be transferred. 

Terms of Service

  • The Savings Account or the Current Account should be opened to be a secondary account for receiving of the interest from the Pension Savings Account.
  • The Pension Saving Account has a term until the retirement date of the depositor according to the Law on Labor and the minimum depositing term is 5 years.
  • In case of the depositor opens the Pension Savings Account at 50 years of age (for women) and 65 (for men), the account shall have made a minimum deposit period of 5 years in order to receive the interest rate specified above. 
  • After the account owners legally retire, they can either renew or close the accounts.
  • On every depositing, depositors must bring their Pension Account Passbook to the bank to update the account balance or record each transaction.
  • The account can be deposited regularly without any limitations of transactions and amount.
  • The interest of Pension Savings Account might be changed according to the last notification from the bank in which the depositors may not be informed in advance.
  • The interest will be paid annually in December to the secondary account.
  • If the Pension Savings Account does not have any transaction within a year, the account might be closed and the fund will be transferred to the depositor’s secondary account immediately in which the account owner might not be informed in advance.
  • In case of closing the account before 3 months from the opening date, the interest shall not be paid.
  • If case of closing the account after 3 months from the opening date but less than 5 years, the bank shall pay the interest as the Savings Deposit Account of the same depositing currency, which the bank applied on the closing date and the bank shall also collect back the advanced paid interest.
  • In case of closing the account after 5 year (from the account opening date) before the retirement date of the depositor, the bank shall pay the interest as mentioned in the contract, but the bank shall charge the advance closing fee (according to the Notice on Fees which BCEL announced in each period).