Bconnex provides its services to customers via Bconnex members’ ATMs, which allow customers to access banking services including cash withdrawal and balance inquiry at anywhere 24/7. Currently, the Bconnex Network includes 6 members:

  • Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL),
  • Lao-Viet Bank (LVB),
  • Agriculture Promotion Bank (APB),
  • Lao Development Bank (LDB),
  • Joint Development Bank (JDB)
  • ST Bank (STB).


 You can save your time and expense no need to wait. In fact, if the first ATMs is not available to be used, you can access another one where showing Bconnex logo next to you.

‚ÄčTerms and Conditions

 All customers who have a ATM card from the Bconnex members.