Saving accounts

Product’s Name

Savings Account


  • Savings accounts are suitable for individuals or corporates that regularly earn a stable income and want to save for the short-term goal. This account type helps the depositor to conveniently save money for future need. The money of the customer is saved in the account with the interest rate. The more customers deposit, the higher interest they will earn and the account can be deposited or withdrawn at anytime.


This is an account for savings and convenient for depositing and the depositor shall receive the following benefits:

  • Receive the interest which the bank shall pay 4 times per year according to the interest rate announced by the bank in each period time.
  • Can easily deposit, withdraw, transfer and exchange at any branch of BCEL overall the country.
  • To apply for other BCEL services, including ATM card, Visa Debit Card, JCB Card, Co-Brand Card in order to access the savings account via ATMs, EDC and BCEL One application.
  • Can deposit or withdraw money for 24/7 at Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) or ATMs.
  • Can monitor your account transactions and balance via Internet banking, SMS-banking, BCELOne, Internet Banking and Smart Book.
  • Can be used to confirm your financial position.
  • The interest rates are available on BCEL’s website:


  • Minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance are 50,000LAK/500THB/10 USD
  • Bank account opening fee: 10,000 LAK/2 USD/50 THB/Account/time

(Remarks: The fees are the announced rates by BCEL in each period time)


  • The account owner must keep the Passbook in a safe place. If the Passbook is lost, the bank must be informed in writing immediately.
  • If issuing a new passbook (due to the loss/damage/dirt), a charge will be applied, according to the current regulations announced by the bank.
  • The passbook must be used only by the account holder, and it is non-transferable.