Bill Payment


Bill Payment


This is one of BCEL service which is used for paying utilized bills via BCEL Counter, and online applications such BCEL One, BCEL i-Bank, SMS Banking which is accessible 24/7.


  • Providing convenient
  • Time-Saving
  • Customers can make a payment many utilized bills such Electric Bills, Water Bills, Phone Bills/ Top up, LDTV Card Top up, PRETROTRADE Top up, TK Top up, Leasing Installment Payment, Insurance Payment, and much more.

Available 24/7

terms of service

  • BCEL Bank Account is required
  • Any types of above Bills is needed
  • Customer have to use one of BCEL’s product such as BCEL i-Bank/BCEL One/ATM/SMS Banking, Or you just walk-through BCEL Counter service.

Application form

 The Application forms are available at BCEL HQV, branches and units throughout the country.