BCEL to receive the prestige awards from overseas

Asian Banking and Finance Magazine granted 3 prestige awards to Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL) in the event Asian Banking & Finance Awards 2019 on 18 July 2019.  

1. Financial Inclusion Initiative of the Year-Laos

This award is the success from presenting BCOME product which the service was able to provide the convenient, modern and prompt domestic money transfer service through BCOME’s agents in the community.

The service makes people who live in the rural areas or far from BCEL’s service points to access domestic money transfer or event after the service hours of BCEL (The closing time depends on the agent’s working hours). BCOME helps the customers saving their time and travelling cost to the bank. BCOME has launched its service since 2015. At the first start, there were only 15 agents. Since the service has been known by the community, BCOME now has more than 500 agents. With its popularity use in the community, BCEL will continue to develop more services and functions in BCOME for the next phase.

2. Mobile Banking Initiative of the Year -Laos

This award received from the presenting of Onepay product which is a function under BCEL One, the service is a modern payment option in this digital lifestyle era. OnePay is the instant payment via QR Code scanning at the stores. The service is considered to be a convenient payment function on BCEL One mobile banking application and its function has seen to be suitable with this modern lifestyle era and widely accepted by the society. As of December 2017, there were 438 stores that displayed BCEL’s QR Code and the number went to 11.000 stores in July 2019.

Ž3. Corporate Social Responsibility Program the Year Laos-Silver Medal.

This award received from the presenting of OneHeart product of BCEL which is considered to be outstanding, widely accepted and trusted by the society as the transparent, well-managed and auditable donation platform. OneHeart provides the donation channel for donors (in domestic and overseas). The previous significant event was the fund raising campaign for flooding victims in Attapeu Province which the product became well-known. BCEL will present One-Heart more to the work of social support and sustainability in the future.

The 3 awards which BCEL received for the year are the certification of our service quality and recognition at domestic and international stage. The award winners were judged by the judges from the big 4 audit companies including Ernst & Young, Deloittee, KPMG and PWC. The award handover ceremony was attended by more than 300 participants from more than 200 banks in 40 countries.