Product’s Description

BCEL One v3 is a mobile banking application developed by BCEL to facilitate customers with online payment and transaction inquiry.
BCEL One V3 has two access options. First option is to use on Smartphone devices that use Android, IOS or Windows Phone system. The second option is to access on PC via BCEL’s website.

BCEL One V3 helps customers to save time, easy to use and convenient in performing fund transfers and pay for utility bills such as electricity, water, telephone, internet and LDTV bills. Top-up the value of Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge 1 toll card, check daily FX rate, manual locking of ATM card, enable/disable online payment authorization and check the previous transactions of the card.

BCEL One V3 has been upgraded with more advanced, secured and convenient functions such as:

  • Log-in: Customers can log-in faster and easier with fingerprint.
  • Notification: Transaction details are highlighted in different colors. This makes statements easier to view.
  • Transaction Summary: Transactions are categorized in different colors. This makes transaction’s description easier to understand.
  • Balance Inquiry: Displayed information includes card details, balance, registered accounts (primary) and account numbers in full details. BCEL V3 also allows customers to
  • Change/switch the primary account by themselves.
  • Online Service: Risks associated with online card payment can be minimized by automatic setting option to enable or disable online transaction authorization.
  • Funds Transfer: customers can search for account number by name or telephone numbers. Customers can use fingerprint instead of answering security questions.
  • Utility Bill Payments: The product is designed beautifully and easily to perform bill payments includes electricity, water, phone and leased line bills.
  • Security: Customers can set a limited time of withdrawal and maximum value when using the card overseas.
  • BCOME: BCOME service is available on BCEL One v3.
  • PayMe: This function helps customers to send invoices, attach photos, set amount, and send the bills to their contact list.
  • Credit Card Payment: Customers can pay for their credit card statements via BCEL One V3. Once the payment is completed, the credit card’s available balance will increase. Currently, this option is only available for customers who registered for manual credit card payment.
  • Message: Messages are categorized with different colors and with more details.
  • Setting: Customers can personalize the application’s functions according to their preferences.


  • All BCEL’s ATM and VISA cardholders are eligible to apply for BCEL one v3 at all BCEL branches and service units without any registration fees.
  • Required document: a copy of ID, Passport or household registration book. 

For more information:

  • Call: Hotline 1555 or (+856 21) 211012