Name: Short-Term Loans

​ A loan scheduled to be repaid in less than a year is mainly aimed to support cash flows and liquidity in growing businesses, especially operation expenses: purchasing raw materials, equipment or wages, etc.

  Name: Medium-Term Loans

​A loan where repayments are made over a period of between one and five years is aimed to support working capital revoliving and liquidity to business operations, such as purchasing raw materails, equipment or wages, etc

  Name: Long-Term Loans

A form of debt that is paid off over an extended time frame that exceeds 5 year in duration. Obtaining a long term loan provides a business with working capital that it can use to purcahse fixed assets, inventory or equipment which can then be used to create additional income for the business

  Name: Overdraft Loans

​ An extension of credit from the bank, an overdraft allows the individual to continue withdrawing money that is more than amounts deposited to current accounts, but not exceed the amount approved by the bank. Overdraft is mainly aimed to support Working Capital

  Name: Cash Advance Loans

​A loan allowed borrowers to repay within 3 months is aimed to support Liquidity during the borrowers are waiting to receive money or for a settlement